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Fashion Staples | Baggit Handbag L Chiara #AlwaysCool



One of the favorite fashion staples in any Style bloggers wardrobe is a good handbag. For it carries the world inside where ever they go – phone, power bank, ipad, fresh mint, lipstick, compact and hair brush to name few. As much as it may sound as a necessesity, it is also a popular fashion statement piece too, without which the outfit and/or an ensemble is never complete.

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that this fashion accessory is what makes or mars an outfit. This statement piece also speaks a volume about the person and their style without having a word to say. For such ones whose handbag is so much and more, a regular and ordinary style just doesn’t do.

But then getting a handbag that is season appropriate and in-style doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Without breaking a bank it is easy to find the bag that perfectly fits the style, mood and every fashion need with Baggit.

Baggit, India’s popular fashion accessories brand recently launched an interesting campaign – “Play the Life Game” during their SS16 collection. While their collection is essentially designed for women who are independent and bold and who never shy away from speaking their mind or showcasing their style; it’s also for all those modern, stylish and contemporary women who live their life on their own terms.

I found myself lucky when I was given a chance to try and style one of their fashion pieces from their SS16 collection. Mine is essentially L Chiara – a pink satchel style bag. This one is basically inspired from the luggage style bag – minimalistic, stylish, boxy and yet cool to carry. This one fits perfectly for me as I often find myself carrying quite a lot of stuff with me when I go to Events and/or Press Releases and also when am required to carry more than just what my small handbag can hold, then this one is just perfection.

Whether I am out with my girls for a quick bite and coffee or when I am out and about shopping or mostly importantly meeting some client or attending an event, this bag is the handiest one.

One of the best features I must say is that it’s a two way carry bag and also suits any outfit – from jeans and a tee to a tailored pants and blouse, from well fitted A-Line skirt to shorts and a tunic.

Doesn’t it sound like a perfect company? This makes my life so much easier and lets me play it #alwayscool !


Much Love

Brand Factory | The Great Offline Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denims – once a workman’s overall, have come a long way and are now the must haves in any closet. From being a rugged fit for miners and laborers it has moved on to being the defining part of young urban rebels and has got acceptance as a formal wear for cool start up young things – think of the look immortalized by the legend Steve jobs walking on the dais for a product launch in a pair of Denims. What an Epic look!

Denims never fail to live up to any occasion and are a fall back when not sure of what to wear. For me, a pair of blue jeans and a white top is a simple yet perfect fall back for a formal or an informal occasion. And I love to team it up with a floral top for an evening party, or a hangout or a walk in the park.

The collection gets additions every season with latest trends and styles. The most recent ones are the distressed, honeycomb distressed, faded, ripped etc., that made into everyone’s closet.

Personally, I love the collection of my denims and still have the jeans I bought a decade back (though changing waist lines increase the While hoarding is fun for me, shopping for a perfect fit Denim Jeans is no child’s play and the biggest struggle is to find a place with a wide range of collections allowing me to pick from range of choices.

That’s where the saviors like the recent Brand Factory – The Great Offline Denim Festival come for the rescue.

What’s this The Great Offline Denim Festival?

It was a 3-day offline Shopping Festival offering all the Denim brands under one roof.

Modestly speaking one has to say it had all or most of brands of denims sold in India, giving us options to pick from all forms, fits, and colors to choose from.

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Brands like Levis, Wrangler, Lee cooper, Jealous21, UCB… you name it you had them here. If at all I had a complaint, it was that they had me spoilt for the choice and I have to confess I had to struggle to pick the final. And of course how can I forget the icing on the cake which is getting the cool deals that only Brand Factory always offers, practically allowing me to double the number of pairs I thought I had allowance for. (wink..wink..)

On the upside, there is a certain pleasure that can be experienced only by shopping in person – one gets to touch and feel the fabric, try on various options, go with girl friends and take the silly selfies in the trial room(lol..) etc etc

That said, here are some pics from the 3 day Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

And finally even the Brandfactory team –

Denim Festival

To sum up, I had a great time being at The Great Offline Denim Festival, giving me the perfect chance to refresh the wardrobe just in time for Spring / Summer

So, have you been to The Great Offline Denim Festival?  Which Denim brand made into your wardrobe?

Denim deals is back in all the cities this weekend starting 3rd June to 5th June. Experience the madness once again this weekend! 
Happy Denim Shopping to you!

Much Love

Trousseau Essentials For Every Indian Bride


Indian weddings are world famous for being extravagant, fun, and long! Therefore, an Indian bride needs to look and feel her best not just on her wedding day, but also for the weeks to follow.

So if you’re getting married any time soon, make sure you and your family put together a wedding trousseau that has almost everything you may require after you move in with your husband and in-laws.

With all the running around to organize the major wedding functions, it is easy to miss out on packing the most essential items that you will need post-wedding. To avoid any uncomfortable situations, here is a list of the must-have items in your trousseau.

Clothes: Fancy, Comfy, And Everything In-between

blush color prom gown

Source: Audressy



Clothes are certainly the most important component of a bride’s trousseau.

Since Indian weddings are followed by poojas, get-togethers with relatives and more, it is important that you have the right attire for every occasion.

A few silk saris are a must have for the more traditional functions. However, for semi-formal events, chiffon or georgette saris are the best. If you don’t have time to go out and shop, you can buy designer sarees online from websites like continue reading

Shopping Date Outfit ft Dorothy Perkins

Fashion, Lifestyle
dorothy perkins top
 dorothy perkins top
Dorothy Perkins, thanks to Jabong, is now my go-to brand. Almost everytime I am out, am spotted in one or the other piece that is picked from this brand. So don’t be surprised if I say almost all of my wardrobe now is from this brand and that includes sandals and pumps too.
So when the other day, when I had to accompany my younger sister to help her pick some apparel and footwear; I wore this solid blue high-low top from Dorothy Perkins and teamed it with my all time favorite jacket from Madame.
Let me tell you, this jacket was one of those implusive buys which I absolutely don’t regret. Just wish I get my hands on such lovely peppy colors often.
Coming back, leave alone the shopping for my sister; I infact indulged quite a bit too! See this is what happens when you go out to do good, and it just doesn’t make sense to tame and train your mind not to get tempted because it would just go and do the exact same thing you don’t want it to do. You see, it’s called Monkey Meditation!
Anyways, here are the outfit details if you are interested to know –
Outfit Details
Top | Dorothy Perkins, Jabong
Jacket | Madame
Watch | Casio G-Shock (similar here)
Sandals | Valiossa, Jabong (similar here)
The Day with shopping and all was pretty epic, I just wish I had enough time to take some proper pics but all I could manage was just some selfies in the trial room! Besides, I am surrounded by people who hate to take pictures for me. Can you even believe that? Where did the girl code go??

Much Love