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May Fab Bag

may fab bag

may fab bag

It’s Fab bag time of the month and here I am today sharing what I got in the May Fab Bag. If I have to put it in one line – to be very precise and in short, I am in love!

For starters, I love the transparent aka see-through pouches. They make life so much easier when you are in a rush or when you are travelling. If I can, I would hoard on a bunch of these so I can sort all my stuff and never rummage through each and every pouch later and when these transparent pouches come in much needed summer colors, its pure love.

I absolutely love how gorgeous this pouch looks. Mesh detailing is a nice touch as it protects the pouch from cuts and torn with rough usage. So this is just so perfect for me.

And now that I have plans to travel soon, I am going to save this for my travel.

Now, before I go on with what I loved from this bag, here are the May Fab Bag contents –

may fab bag

Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash

I have tried couple of Nyassa samples before and they never let me down. So finding another Nyassa product in the bag was more than welcome. On the other hand, I was happy to find a face wash which has tea tree.

Now which girl hates to get the perfect samples that she can carry for her trip?

Not me!

Seasoul Dual Eyeshadow Palette

One of the best things I have laid my eyes on lately. I am not much of an eye shadow girl and yet I did love this at first glance. I love purples and this eyeshadow duo seems so perfect for the coming colder months too.

So if you haven’t got your May Fab Bag yet, this is the reason you should get it right away!

Inveda Sunscreen Cream Gel SPF 30

January Fab Bag had Inveda BB Cream and 3 months later got this sunscreen cream gel with SPF 30. I usually never get impressed with a sunscreen; I am very picky at that. For as long as I can remember, I have used Plum Goodness sunscreen. Now trying this, I must confess I am in love.

I have used it on my face and there were no signs of whitish cast and best part, it worked so well under makeup too.

This is another product I simply loved getting in this month’s bag.

The Nature’s Co White Tea Night Cream

Night creams are something am always curios about. While this is not my favorite brand but then for this product I think I will make an exception to try it out.

Overall, May Fab Bag has been a fabulous one for me with Inveda Suncreen Cream Gel with SPF 30 and Seasoul Dual Eyeshadow Palette topping the list.

What’s your favorite from the May Fab bag?

Interested in getting yours?

Go to –

Much Love


*PR Sample

January Fab Bag is a must buy and here’s why!

january fab bag

January Fab Bag is one of the best bags that have come so far. So first things first, if you haven’t already subscribed for this month’s bag; then I insist you do!

This is the first post on Fab bag this year, so if you are new to this concept; Fab bag is India’s one of the beauty box subscription services. With a good mix of everything from makeup to skincare, the bags that these products come in so far have been a major hit (atleast with me… lol).

Incase you are looking for a coupon code to buy the January Fab Bag, here’s 20% off code for you – FABJAN20

Link –

january fab bag

Coming back, the catchiest thing in this month’s fab bag is, the bag itself. Makeup print makes this bag so pretty and girly and this one is definitely for keeps. I mean, which girl can resist such a cute bag? It is just perfect for travel to carry makeup and related,

And talking about the products, BBlunt mini hair polish is my favorite out of all; followed by Inveda BB cream and Votre Serum.

I love to see minis from brands like BBlunt and Inveda. They not only give us a chance to try the product couple of times, they make makeup travel kit much more interesting!

That said, here are the products that I received in January Fab bag  

january fab bag

BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish

I have used this hair polish earlier and it is such a savior. Just a spray or two and it leaves even the super dry hair shiny and glossy. And with so much of hair styling, this is my go-to product for my hair at the moment.

And getting a mini just made my travel kit complete!

Inveda BB Cream

I have been planning on getting a BB cream from this brand for a while now and when I had a chance to grab one, I took the opportunity. Can’t wait to see how much this will impress me!

Votre Face Serum

I have been using face serums a lot lately and found them just perfect for my skin type – combination sensitive skin. But unfortunately none of the serums I own come in travel friendly bottles. Either they are too big for the travel and/or have come in a bottle made of glass making it very tricky to carry around.

Luckily this one sorted out that problem for me. Besides, unlike others, this one instantly makes my skin feel cool and it smells so good too! Perfect for coming summer days I say!

Natural Bath & Body Red Clay Mask & Natural Bath & Body Vit E Whipped Cream

Both are easy to carry around and are just perfect for travel. I haven’t tried any products from this brand yet so it’s a nice welcome to try these.

While this month’s bag itself is the primary reason to love so much’ BBlunt, Inveda and Votre are next in line for loving this month’s bag. Do I need more reasons than these?

So what are you loving in January Fab bag? What according to you is this month’s hit?