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Ipsy Bag May 2017

Ipsy Bag May 2017

Ipsy Bag May 2017

Ipsy Bag May 2017


Ipsy Bag May 2017 was such a beautiful one. For starters, I loved the pouch it came in. It’s very summery plus it would be so fun to have this around with some mini essentials when I hit the beach. That’s said, I loved each and every product from this month’s bag.


Here are the contents of Ipsy Bag May 2017 –

Ipsy Bag May 2017
Luxie Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush 660
It is an understatement if I simply put this as a genius brush. This is truly a multitasker, great to use it with liquid, cream, or powder foundations; concealers, highlighters and even bronzers. Though I particularly loved using this for my powder foundation!
Price – 23$

Buy – LuxieBeauty

What I Love –

  1. It is a pretty fluffy brush
  2. Its name – Dreamcatcher is pretty amusing (makes me want to think it will make all my makeup application dreams come true)
  3. It has a pretty periwinkle colored handle which looks amazing in the kit or even on the vanity (can’t wait to see this in the background of my pictures)
  4. Its fluffy brush head is 100% vegan and cruelty-free


CAILYN Cosmetics Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint + Velvet in #32 Practicable

This is definitely the first time I heard of this brand but trust me when I say I just hit a jackpot! This is such a fabulous shade, I would have hated if I missed this. Plus, I did a swatch test on my hand yesterday and it stayed put all day long. It didn’t feel dry ever. In fact, it had that felt velvety silk feel. And as I speak the color is still on, though it did fade a little.
I am kind of hoping this would be my current go-to lip color since it’s such a gorgeous shade with such an amazing formula. I will do a detailed review once I test it out properly on my lips.

Price – 19$

Buy – Cailyn Cosmetics

What I Love –

  1. It is Matte liquid lipstick that is actually hydrating
  2. It is really pigmented, so it gives you totally opaque, full-coverage color without layering up a lot
  3. It is a gorgeous cinnamon-nude shade
  4. It is smooch and snack-proof and stayed put all day long.


Adesse New York Organic Infused Gel Effect Nail Lacquer in Surfer Girl

This shade looks similar to the one that was in last month’s Ipsy bag but make no mistake. Previous one was more of mint green while this month its mint blue.

Price – 18$

Buy – Adesse Ny

What I Love –

  1. It has super opaque formula (needs 2 coats min), is seriously shiny, and pretty much looks like a gel polish on application
  2. It has a flat brush which dispenses the perfect amount of polish on each nail
  3. Its formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic


Starlooks Artist Edition – Luxe Longwear Star Stamp + Liner Pen

I don’t mind having another eye liner pen (remember I got one in April bag too?) but what struck me most was the stamp. I tried stamping it on my finger last night and I am in love. Its waterproof didn’t smudge and it’s super cute. I can’t wait to use this already.
Price – 19$

Buy – Starlooks

What I Love –

  1. It is double-ended
  2. It has the super cute star stamp
  3. Its stamp is pretty handy giving freedom from freehand drawing
  4. It is pretty handy to carry around (not that one would any touch ups)
  5. It is the only thing I would need if I have to transform myself from power brunch look to pink concert or gothic in seconds.
  6. It stays all day and doesn’t give raccoon eyes at the end


Urban Decay Afterglow in Sin

I am not really a highlighter kind of person but then I might just try my hand at this since its UD.


What I Love –

  1. It is a champagne-hued highlighter, suits almost all skin tones.
  2. Its formula is finely milled, which means it’s creamy plus its lightweight.
  3. It is much raved for its long-wearing luminizer formula



I can’t wait to put together a look using these products – especially the liner and the lip color. And now that we are about to enter the next month, I can’t wait to see what’s coming in June bag.


What have you loved from Ipsy Bag May 2017? Have you tried Ipsy bag yet?



Much Love

3 International Beauty Boxes I tried in April (and here’s what I think)

Beauty Boxes

3 International Beauty Boxes I tried in April (and here’s what I think)



Being a Beauty Junkie, I am constantly looking to feed my curiosity for trying out the new products. Though I wouldn’t call myself very adventurous when it comes to makeup, I love to try new products that help ease my dolling up routine. For long I have been very much obsessed with some of the International beauty boxes and when I got to know about ShipOutUSA, I took the chance and tried 3 International Beauty Boxes in the month of April 2017.

And here’s what I think –


Ipsy Bag

Beauty Boxes

First up is my favorite. Ipsy bag is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box that samples some of the much raved brands from the Beauty Industry. It costs just 10$ and there is always 2-3 full sized products making this the most coveted among the beauty junkies.

Best thing – You can email if you like any particular product from the released spoilers. How cool is that?

Buy – Ipsy


Target Beauty Box

Beauty Boxes

This is my second favorite. Though this is not as impressive as Ipsy, it’s nevertheless a pretty good bargain for the 7$ price (price often varies). Plus, you get to know what all products are in that particular box of the month. So it’s a pretty decent deal – no excitement, no disappointment!

Best thing – It’s a box to box payment, doesn’t renew or charge the card by itself. Plus, has a full sized product or two in the box.

Not so good – It doesn’t personalize the box like other beauty boxes do.

Buy – Target


Sephora Play

 Beauty Boxes

Out of the three, this is my least favorite of all. It’s not like I hate it but definitely, nothing that excited me about this one. There is not even a single full sized product in the box. All the samples are quite tiny and I guess that’s what disappointed me more. It again costs just 10$ but when compared with Ipsy, this seems pretty disappointing nevertheless.

Best thing – Once a while, chosen brands are pretty impressive.

Not so good – for 10$ you get a bunch of samples to try. And unlike Ipsy, Sephora Play doesn’t give you an option of selecting the brands you want the products from.


That said if you are like me looking to subscribe to International Beauty Boxes to be delivered in India; except Ipsy they are definitely not worth the effort, time and money.

Fortunately, Ipsy didn’t get customs. Target which was just 7$ got customs of 230 ₹ and Sephora Play which was 10$ got customs of 230 ₹ too. All that, plus roughly 700 ₹ (each package) as Sofu charges. So, in my opinion, it’s such a waste to spend so much on samples when you can get full sized in the money spent.

And unfortunately, the deals are currently off and Sofu charges have increased too. So if you are planning to subscribe to any of these beauty boxes or even try others for that matter, do check with ShipoutUSA for their current charges. Though they are one of the least priced at the moment, sometimes it does make you wonder if you are over spending on a box of samples (just my thought!).


Despite the charges of Sofu increasing, I might still stick with Ipsy. And as for others, they are no more on my subscribing list!



Have you tried any of these International Beauty Boxes in India? What do you think of these?


Want to know about beauty boxes that ship to India? Go here


P.s- These boxes aren’t shipped to India directly, you need to use a shipping service like ShipOutUSA



Much Love


Ipsy Bag April 2017

Ipsy Bag April 2017

Ipsy Bag April 2017

Ipsy Bag April 2017 was a much-awaited for me. After seeing the spoilers and other bloggers posts, I was restless to know what they had in store for me.

Fortunately, the moment Ipsy is dispatched one can know what products they have in their bag in that month by simply going to the account and click on *Glam Bag* on the top corner.


Coming back, Ipsy Bag April 2017 gave me mixed feelings. I was happy to see Tony Moly Lip Care Stick and Jesse’s Girl Liquid Liner. But I was seriously disappointed to see Ciate product though. I never picked that brand as my preferred one and yet I got a product from them.

Worst part is what I missed – Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser, Em Cosmetics, ColourPop, Josie Maran, Luxie Beauty


I think what I missed disappointed me more than what I got!


Anyways, here’s what I got in Ipsy Bag April 2017

April Ipsy Bag 2017 ✨

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Ipsy Bag April 2017

Defy & Inspire Nail Polish

This one is from the Target’s very own nail colors collection. Launched earlier this year, this collection has a total of 38 shades plus a top coat polish and a base coat one. That said, these polishes are Five-Free. And that’s not all apparently. Each shade name is inspired by reality TV.

I got the shade Paradise Island which is a pretty summery mint blue. I can’t wait to try this already.


Skin & Co Face Toner

This is the first time I heard about this brand so am quite curious to see how it works. Plus it’s been a while since I last used a toner on my face. Now that I am planning to reintroduce one into my daily skin care routine, this should be a great start.

Plus, it smells lovely so am hoping I would love trying this one.


Tony Moly Liptone Lip Care Stick

I got it in the shade Rose Blossom. It’s a natural pink color that applies like a lip balm and smells like a bunch of roses. Also, it comes in such a pretty packaging; it’s gonna be fun to carry this around in the handbag.


Ciate Bronzer

As much as I was disappointed to see Ciate in my bag, I was glad I was sent a right shade of bronzer. Its packaging is cute and is pretty handy if I ever plan to carry it when I travel or simply have it in my handbag.


Jesse’s Girl Liquid Liner

This has to be one of the best eye liner’s I have tried in the recent past. It is extra dark, sets instantly and applies like a dream. Plus, it’s waterproof. I can’t wait to experiment with this one in coming months, now that my mood is mostly set on winged liner eyes.


So those were the products that I got in my Ipsy Bag April 2017. And undoubtedly Jesse’s Girl Liquid Liner is my favorite of all!

What was yours? Have you tried Ipsy Bag yet?

If you want to know how to order Ipsy to India, don’t forget to check out my previous post.

Until next….



Much Love


Ipsy Bag March 2017

Ipsy Bag March 2017

Ipsy Bag March 2017

Ipsy Bag March 2017


Ipsy Bag March 2017 is my first International Beauty Bag and I loved it to the bits. If you haven’t heard of Ipsy it’s a monthly makeup and beauty subscription bag just like Fab Bag. It costs around 10$ per month and you receive 5 products ranging from deluxe samples to full sized products.


Here’s what I received in my Ipsy Bag March 2017 –

Ipsy Bag March 2017


OUAI Treatment Masque


I won’t be exaggerating if I say it’s a perfume then a treatment masque. It smells so gorgeous you can’t help but touch your hair often to get a whiff of the scent. And it makes hair so perfectly soft and smooth; it’s hard to resist.

This is definitely one of the best samples in this month’s bag.


Price – 32$ per kit (Sephora)



Eyeko Fat Brow Liner in Light to Medium


At first I was worried that this is not a product for me and a quick swatch on the hand confirmed I was right.

But then out of curiosity I did fill my brows with this one and I was pleasantly surprised!

It not only filled the brows to perfection but also tinted them to the natural brown black. It almost made my brows look naturally thick and well defined.

Imagine what a blessing it is to have this handy when travelling.

This is definitely a hit from my side!

Price – 22$ (Eyeko)



Tarteist quick dry matte lip paint in Vibin


This is one of the best lip paint I have tried in the recent past (it’s a good dupe of ColourPop Love bug and Sugar Cosmetics Rust Lust, but only the formula is amazing and the color is much richer than the other two).

Getting a mini from Tarteist is definitely the best thing in this month’s bag!


Price – 20$ (full size)



Elizabeth Mott Blending Brush


I have recently been trying my hand at eye makeup and finding this pretty brush in the Ipsy Bag was like a treat. I love hoarding brushes which are in baby pink, baby blue, and white or in rose gold hues, so this definitely is a much welcomed product. Plus, it’s a cruelty free brush (synthetic bristles) makes it all the more appealing!

Price – 15$ (Elizabeth Mott)



Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer


This brand targets the skincare needs of the frequent flyers, undoing the damage of the dry, mile-high air. It also works great on staycationers too with it’s the skin-quenching benefits.

And with my travel confirmed next month to the hill station, I can’t wait to carry this along with me to test it out. I sincerely hope this works amazing on me; I have been hunting for a good moisturizer forever now!


Price – 21$ (AirRepair Skincare)



So those were the 5 products I got in my Ipsy Bag.


While I loved all the products, Tarteist and Eyeko definitely top my list!



What did you love most? Have you tried Ipsy Bag yet?

You can check out here –


Wondering how to order one to India?

Check out ShipoutfromUSA, I ordered mine through them.


And if you are looking for a coupon code for ShipoutfromUSA (I definitely did), here’s one for you –








Much Love




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