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Hair Replacement System | The Best Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Replacement System

Hair Replacement System

Hair Replacement System 


Hair Replacement System has proven to be one of the best and affordable options to many men and women lately. These replacement systems not only offer the highest quality but also an affordable and non-surgical way to improve the appearance and look.


Wearing a hair replacement system solved the hair loss problem to many just overnight. But knowing what to buy and where to buy is of vital importance to achieve a natural overall appearance.


So, what is a Hair Replacement System?


Hair Replacement System is usually stock and/or custom made hair replacement systems aimed to provide the hair loss solutions to men and women alike.


Made from the highest quality, these non-surgical hair replacement systems are available at affordable prices. The main aim is to be available to everyone and not just those who can afford it. With the help of these systems, one can get Natural looking hair at the prices one can afford.


Plus, whether one is suffering from alopecia or simply natural hair loss; these hair systems can provide the best hair loss treatment available today. And again, these tailor-made hair pieces are often delivered straight to the door.


Accessible, affordable, cut and styled to perfection; these hair replacement systems are often ready to wear right out of the box. Unlike stock ones, the custom made hair replacement systems have their own set of benefits. The finest level of measurements is taken into consideration – the specific size and pattern of the hair, exact color match, and organic graduation to get a flawless natural looking hair for that perfect undetectable look is its specialty.



Fortunately, all this and more but for so much lesser price than what the retail saloons and shops offer.


So if you are looking for affordable hair replacement systems that can be customized to your needs, look no further and check out –


Check out the various options they provide and get in touch with their expert team for clarifications and requirements.


Hope you find this post useful!



Much Love



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Pinterest Inspiration | My Tiny Tattoo Story

tiny tattoo

tiny tattoo

Earlier this month, I went on the much awaited vacation – Goa (yes, last yr I was in Goa too for my birthday) to celebrate my birthday a tiny bit early. Out of many things I wanted to do this time, one that topped my list was to get a tattoo – a tiny tattoo!

I have been a fan of tattoos for a long time now; I have even a Pinterest board too, though having to go through the process always scared me to death. But this time something was different, I was determined and wanted to take the plunge and get this done and get over with the fear for once and all!

Despite so much of planning, I might have seriously missed the opportunity of getting the tattoo done if I hadn’t been to Calangute Beach that day. It was a long day touring around Goa and our last stop for the day was Calangute beach. On the way to beach I spotted so many tattoos shops which made this convenient and possible but then there were so many that it was nearly impossible to decide where I wanted to get it done. So I picked randomly based on how the shop looked from outside.

Luckily we didn’t choose a bad one. Moksha Tattoo Studio was good despite being a small one (I assume most of the tattoo shops here are pretty small). Apparently Chris Gayle is one of their clients who got his tattoos there. And we also spotted quite a good number of bollywood stars in the pictures getting their tattoos done. So I was rest assured I was in safe hands (I still wonder if it makes any sense to decide if it’s safe or not based on some celebrity pictures though).


I have been a fan of tiny tattoos since I spotted them on Pinterest. So naturally I had Pinterest for reference and I chose this tiny bow tattoo for myself.


Pic Courtesy – Pinterest


Fortunately, the tattoo artist didn’t seem too surprised with my Pinterest reference pic and I finally got my tattoo. While getting it done I was quite nervous but once I saw the tattoo I was on top of the world. It was an amazing feeling and now I know why everyone is so crazed about tattoos.


It was the best birthday gift ever, my first tattoo – a tiny tattoo!

tiny tattoo


tiny tattoo

I later realized how gorgeous my hand looked with the tattoo and the MK Blush pink watch!


Can’t wait to tell you all about my Goa trip in my coming post!


Have you got tattoo too? Have you ever taken Pinterest as inspiration to this extent? What do you think of my tiny tattoo?


It’s been 3+ weeks now and my tiny tattoo has settled well with no complications, will share my experience and tips on taking care of a tattoo in my up coming posts!



Much Love

#BootUpYourLife with Reliance Digital

Reliance Digital

If you are someone like me who fancies things quite a lot then you’d know gadgets and gizmos are not far behind before they get into the wish list.

It’s been a while since I have been using my ASUS laptop (you’ve seen this showing up in the background of many of my pictures) and like all things this needed a change too.

I spend most of my waking hours on my laptop reading blogs and articles, watching k-dramas and even writing my own posts (obviously) and off late this laptop has been troubling me quite a lot. And if you have used ASUS earlier you’d know, even the laptop batteries are not available in India let alone other services, so I desperately wanted something new.

So I decided I would go and check out some laptops. And as I have been a regular with Reliance Digital for a while now, it was only natural that I would visit this place first. And like always, this place never ceased to surprise me. It was like laptops fest and there were numerous brands to choose from. As I had HP on mind for a while now, I went to look out what this brand had to offer. The HP sales person was super helpful and knowing my requirement, both technical and budget, suggested I should give HP 15 ac673TX/B(4i5/4/1T/2G/W10) a try.


Honestly, I am no expert at technical stuff so I let my friend pitch in for me and discuss details. I was infact more drawn towards the free gifts they had to offer, you can’t blame me!

Reliance Digital

I was looking for a printer so I was more than happy to find that as gift. And then they showed me another – Phillips 3000W Sound Bar.

Reliance Digital

I love music a lot and I am hooked to my headphones and sound cloud most of the time, so it was a real struggle to choose between the two. I eventually gave in and opted for sound bar and now that I shifted to my own flat it makes sense I need something new to spice up my living room too.

That said, HP 15 ac673TX/B(4i5/4/1T/2G/W10) was a real deal (my techie friend approves too). Not only did I get a new laptop as my blogging partner but also I did get this amazing sound bar to enjoy my music during my breaks.

And if all this was less, they even offered a 10% extra discount {being a regular customer + anything above 30k had extra discounts (on selected models only)} and also a laptop bag.

Reliance Digital


I got my HP laptop on EMI and the whole process was simply hassle free, thanks to their customer service guys! I was super happy at the end of it and like always my trip to Reliance Digital was never anything less than excited.

So, if you are looking for a new laptop then this is the time. They not only have some amazing offers running at the moment but also amazing gifts too. All of these plus hassle free EMI options to avail.

Some of the brands (on certain models) are offering as much as up to 50% discount on MRP. Now it can’t get better than this!

And that’s how Reliance Digital has boot up my life. You can #bootupyourlife too, just visit any near by Reliance Digital store and let them help you find the best of the deals!

Here are some of the offers that are currently running at Reliance Digital stores –

Reliance Digital

On the purchase of laptops below Rs.30,000, you can get a Bluetooth speaker worth Rs.1,499


Reliance Digital

On the purchase of laptops between Rs.30,001  – Rs.50, 000, you can get a Bluetooth speaker + 3D Virtual Reality Glasses worth Rs.5,498


Reliance Digital

On the purchase of laptops between Rs.50,000 – Rs.70, 000, you can get a Phillips 3000W Sound Bar + 3D Virtual Reality Glasses worth Rs.13,899


Reliance Digital

On the purchase of laptops above Rs.70, 000, you can get a Phillips 3000W Sound Bar + All – in – one color wifi printer worth Rs.15,000


Other offers –

Reliance Digital

Student Offer –

On the purchase of Acer core i3/HP AC673TX/ Lenovo G5080, you can get an All-in-one Wifi Printer free


Reliance Digital

On the purchase of any laptop (selected models only), you can get upto 50% off on MRP


Like you can see there are assured gifts on purchase of any laptop. And these special offers are available only for limited period of time and on selected models only. So make sure you rush and check out the same asap!!


Hope you find the best of the deals, Happy Shopping to you!


Much Love

Fashion Staples | Baggit Handbag L Chiara #AlwaysCool



One of the favorite fashion staples in any Style bloggers wardrobe is a good handbag. For it carries the world inside where ever they go – phone, power bank, ipad, fresh mint, lipstick, compact and hair brush to name few. As much as it may sound as a necessesity, it is also a popular fashion statement piece too, without which the outfit and/or an ensemble is never complete.

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that this fashion accessory is what makes or mars an outfit. This statement piece also speaks a volume about the person and their style without having a word to say. For such ones whose handbag is so much and more, a regular and ordinary style just doesn’t do.

But then getting a handbag that is season appropriate and in-style doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Without breaking a bank it is easy to find the bag that perfectly fits the style, mood and every fashion need with Baggit.

Baggit, India’s popular fashion accessories brand recently launched an interesting campaign – “Play the Life Game” during their SS16 collection. While their collection is essentially designed for women who are independent and bold and who never shy away from speaking their mind or showcasing their style; it’s also for all those modern, stylish and contemporary women who live their life on their own terms.

I found myself lucky when I was given a chance to try and style one of their fashion pieces from their SS16 collection. Mine is essentially L Chiara – a pink satchel style bag. This one is basically inspired from the luggage style bag – minimalistic, stylish, boxy and yet cool to carry. This one fits perfectly for me as I often find myself carrying quite a lot of stuff with me when I go to Events and/or Press Releases and also when am required to carry more than just what my small handbag can hold, then this one is just perfection.

Whether I am out with my girls for a quick bite and coffee or when I am out and about shopping or mostly importantly meeting some client or attending an event, this bag is the handiest one.

One of the best features I must say is that it’s a two way carry bag and also suits any outfit – from jeans and a tee to a tailored pants and blouse, from well fitted A-Line skirt to shorts and a tunic.

Doesn’t it sound like a perfect company? This makes my life so much easier and lets me play it #alwayscool !


Much Love

Beauty Shopping | Aplava Website Review



Let’s face it, when it comes to shopping all women go weak in knees. And with the online shopping ruling the scene, it’s definitely hard to resist the desire to shop. It’s more like binge watching Netflix, it makes you super happy and takes you into another whole new world. It’s just that its makeup and beauty stuff here!

Talking of online shopping, a vast variety of shopping sites are now available at finger tips and that includes some major international sites too. Luckily, these sites now deliver to India too but the only hitch here is many of the products – like hair sprays (any sprays for that matter) and liquid products (like toners, serums etc.,) are never shipped due to some delivery concerns.

Such cases often lead to disappointment as many times these are the ones I often want to get my hands on and that also include some international brands too which are hard to find here in India. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore!

Today am here to share with you a beauty products online site which is like a breath of fresh air. Be it the well picked products or the brands, it caters to almost all the needs of women. Best part it has a range of best night cream in India.

Aplava – It is a startup beauty company that strives to bring an unparalleled assortment of prestige brands, household names and niche, cult beauty brands, all on one site. One of the best features of this site is the brands that all available here which is like a blessing for any beauty and skincare addict like me!

Here are 5 reasons why I loved shopping with Aplava

  1. Well curated products, thanks to the Professional team of Dermatologists and Beauty advisors who cherry pick brands across a broad range of product categories including Skincare, Hair care, Bath & Body, Make Up, Fragrance, Sun & Travel, Intimacy, Shaving, Candles and Aromatherapy, Mom & Baby & Homecare thus enabling us to have access to a variety of brands and products at finger tips.
  2. Unlike other beauty retailers they work directly with the manufacturers/authorized distributors to bring over 5,000 products straight from the brands themselves.R
  3. Brands like Butter London, Ren, Demeter, MeMeMe etc., are available at finger tips.
  4. Access to so many international brands and the latest launches was never this easy before.
  5. Getting customized beauty recommendations making the search and effort easy.
  6. It’s raning offers and discounts all through the year.
  7. It’s products are 100% Genuine and authentic.


I can go on and give you few more reasons too. But what appealed to me most is the list of brands I could easily get my hands on. Now who knew it was this easy to get them in India?

Have you shopped with Aplava yet? What did you like most about them?

My recent purchase with them was the epilator, now I can’t wait for my vacation to begin!

Visit –

And check out these amazing offers that are running at the moment –

Much Love

JUICE | Brand New Salon at Madhapur Hyderabad

Juice Salon

human hair wigs

Weekends are for pampering. The week long slog and work makes we want to relax and unwind at the nearest possible opportunity. While I definitely take off from cooking over weekends, thanks to Dear H, I also treat myself to hair spas, manicures and pedicures often to feel refreshed and start the week again with all new energy.

And in such a routine, when I got a chance to stop by the new Salon at Madhapur, Hyderabad and experience their services; I was more than overjoyed.

Did you know?

JUICE Salon at Madhapur, Hyderabad is a 4 months old while they have salons across the city for the last 10 yrs!!

Coming back, my recent visit to JUICE Salon was one of a kind! If you are a nail polish lover like me, you’d instantly feel the same. The store welcomes you with a visual treat to the eyes – LYN Lacquers. I was for a moment lost admiring those beauties, the colors are beyond expectations. If you have seen my recent post where in I mentioned my two favorite Spring/Summer polishes; you’d know am already in love with Lyn polishes.

Lyn lacquers

Did you know?

Lyn Lacquers are the in-house product of JUICE Salon!

Now we don’t have to depend on online shopping to get our favorite Lyn polishes. Just head over to the nearest JUICE Salon and you have an abundance of choice.

Yes, you are most welcome!


After such a temptation, it was hard not to get a mani done. Here, I opted for gel nails (not extensions) with pretty pinks, glitters and white.

silk top wigs

Other pretty designs and colors at the nail bar!

Juice Salon

Juice Salon

After nails, it was time for the hair and wigs!

If you have been following me on Instagram and Snapchat, you’d know I have refreshed my Ombré recently. That meant next few weeks I need to look after my hair with utmost care and do my best to keep it soft and manageable.

*Hair color often leaves hair dry and frizzy, making it highly prone to breakage*

So I opted for a hair spa at the JUICE Salon.

My hair was washed, pampered and styled (on my request) and here’s how it looked like post hair spa –

juice salon

juice salon

The curls stayed till next day and hair felt super duper soft. The softness lasted considerably well as compared to the hair spas I have got done at other salons.

Most importantly, the massage was definitely de-stressing and helped me to relax well.

Later on, I strolled around checking out their in-salon retail store. Apart from the Lyn Lacquers, they even stock many other reputed brand products. As for me, my attention was immediately caught by Tigi.


Juice Salon

Juice Salon

  Hair Replacement Systems Australia

If you have read my post on how I volumize hair using Tigi shampoo, you’d know I have been a fan of this particular range since last 6 months and more. Luckily, this one is approved by both the hair stylists (one who did my hair color and even the one who did my hair spa at JUICE Salon) for my colored hair. The only hitch is the availability of Tigi products.

While the brand itself claimed to be exclusively available at Lakme Salons, the ones that are available online proved risky (remember the bad experience I had with a Flipkart seller??).

To my relief, all that ended here! I found a range of Tigi products at JUICE in-salon retail store, so I took this opportunity to pick my favorites – Tigi Shampoo and Hair Mask.

lace front wigs

Apart from Tigi, they even stock Schwarzkopf, GK, Just Herbs, Khadi, Bodyography, Rusk, L’Oréal and Lyn Polishes to name few.

Overall, the experience was lovely and with so many favorite brands just at finger tips; visits would always be dual beneficial!

How do you like to unwind on weekends? Have you been to JUICE Salon yet?

Don’t forget to check out the new one at Madhapur. And while you are at it, check out their hair spa services.

hair spa offer

All you lovely bunch out there can avail this hair spa at just ₹ 999 which usually costs around          ₹ 1500 – ₹ 1800.

Pls note – This offer is only valid through summer, so go and get little pampered ASAP!

Also if you are curious as who did my nails and hair, ask for Priyanka (Nail Artist) and Arjun (Hair Stylist) and don’t forget to tell them I sent you!


Much Love

P.s – I was offered services for Review purpose. No compensation was involved in any manner and my opinion stays Honest!

Mirrored Sunglasses | 3 Colors I embraced this season


mirrored sunglasses

Enter summer, sunglasses can be seen rocking the fashion scene everywhere with newest trends. While on one hand there are always quiet a number of styles that make a debut in the fashion every season, on the other, there are few styles that never go out of fashion – Aviators, Oversized and Wayfarers to name few.

And as a die-hard fan of sunglasses the ever emerging latest styles and the newest trends in eyewear every season gets me on high. But for as long as I can remember, I have picked sunglasses that were never a bold statement piece in itself and least of all, the mirrored sunglasses.

But there were times when I got pangs of jealousy whenever I saw a woman who looked really cool and super casual wearing those mirrored sunnies, because I personally had a hard time embracing that kind of moxie.

And as the time passed by, my love for mirrored sunglasses grew leaps and bounds. And to appease my love for the same, I created a Pinterest board where in I have been pinning my favorite styles just for the kick.

Until one day, I decided to either give up on this madness or simply take the plunge and get myself a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

And finally I decided I shall give it a go.

My first priority was to find a pair of mirrored sunglasses that were not too flashy and at same time less expensive – so if I even end up buying something I regretted I wouldn’t mind so much.

Luckily, I then bumped into Koovs sale and I got myself this pair of sunglasses from Quay Australia.

These are Bailey Sunglasses as seen on Behati Prinsloo (and if you didn’t knew who’s that, it’s Adam Levine’s wifey :D) –

quay australia

quay australia

quay australia

And believe me when I say, it was love at first try. They looked super awesome, nothing too flashy and I finally owned a pair that just suits my face; and I have rocked these ever since.

While I was vacationing at Kovalam beach, Chennai –

quay australia

quay australia

quay australia

If you have been a regular to my Instagram page you’d know how much I have worn this lately and loved every bit of it. And since that pair, there was no turning back.

From subtle and understated, I went on to experiment with colored mirror sunglasses. I picked these yellow mirrored sunglasses from Polaroid and later followed by green mirrored sunglasses from Rayban. After all, summer is all about sunny yellows and lush greens, its hard not to show the love for such bright colors in accessories too.

In Polaroid –


Quay Australia Price – 2999 ₹

Polaroid Price – 3900 ₹

Rayban Price – 7990 ₹

For all I know, this is just a beginning. I am sure I have developed a serious addiction to sunnies too!

That said, next on my list are the Rainbow Mirrored sunglasses.

What are they you ask ?

The rainbow mirrored sunnies have reflective lenses with hologram like pairs that shift in color at every single angle.

This –

rainbow mirrored

Image – Source

Aah-mazing right?

No, its not a new trend of 2016 but yes, I am so much in love with that style!

So what’s your favorite style of mirrored sunglasses? Do you have any favorite brand?

My favorites are Quay Australia and Rayban so far!

Much Love


P.s – Image source – 1, 2

New Year Outfit | Lunch Date with Family

New Year Outfit

New Year’s Eve began on a pretty good note for me, I got BBlunt professional hair dryer as my gift from my Dear H. I know right? He is super awesome! I love Men (guys) who know what to gift their Women (girls). A thoughtless gift is not something I enjoy!

And for as long I can remember I have been wanting a professional hair dryer and a hair styler; getting the same as gift, I really can’t express my excitement and happiness in words. It really felt wonderful!

So, now that I finally have my hands on a professional hair dryer I can’t wait to see how styling my hair would change and/or benefit in the coming months. I am so looking forward for it.

And coming back to 1st day of the New Year, we decide to go for an early lunch at one of our favorite restaurants Barbeque Nation, Gachibowli. We have been a regular here now and it still feels amazing to walk-in and chomp down the food anyday. Though it’s been countless times in last few months, this still stands to be my favorite till date. Anyways, here’s the dress I wore for the lunch date with my family –

New Year Outfit

New Year Outfit

New Year Outfit

New Year Outfit

New Year Outfit

Outfit Details

Dress | Dorothy Perkins, Jabong

Watch | Daniel Klien, Jabong

Peep toes | Tresmode, Jabong (similar here)

So that was my outfit and I can’t wait to show you the hair dryer I got and share more about it with you. By the way the hair dryer came with a tangle teezer and a diffuser too, now how cool is that? Lol… will stop the teasers for now, will share more of all that in the next post!

What did you get this New Year as a gift?

On a side note, am looking for a hair curler which can give small tight curls. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Much Love

Lixmee Winter Fashion | Hi-low Black Cardigan with subtle shimmer

Fashion, Lifestyle
hi-low cardigan

Winter is my favorite season of all. Warm cosy knits, chunky sweaters, oversized sweater dresses, muted winter colors; dressing up in this season is simply beautiful. And nothing makes me more happy than dressed in cosy winter wear and sipping hot chocolate and/or coffee and watching chick flicks.

On other hand, shopping for some latest fashion knits and cardigans gets me super excited every time!

So recently, when I had a chance to pick one of my favorite cardigans I couldn’t be any happier. Finally I got my hands on this beautiful cardigan from Lixmee.

This cardigan is definitely one of my current favorites at the moment and I can’t describe how pretty this is up close – a closely knit cardigan with faint silver shimmer against black color!

I mean, can you even imagine how awesome it looks in real?

You know how much I love to hoard the shrugs and cardigans. I own an awful lot already and I can still never get enough of them. I love how easy these are to layer up for the Fall/Winter and how beautiful they can make any dress with just being a simple add-on. And it’s also pretty convenient to dress-up and/or dress-down any outfit in matter of seconds. Perfect to change it from a casual to a much more dressier look and/or to move from day to night look.

On a side note, opposed to the plain cardigans and/or cardigans with fancy embellishments, I love the muted and/or winter colors (oh, I love black!) and subtle hints of glamour. It not only adds that much required oomph but also adds the fashion into everything.

On a brighter side, now you know why I want to have a long winter! *smiles*

So in this first post of the year 2016; I want to share about this new site I chanced upon and how much I loved the shrug I bought.

Find Lixmee –

Here are some pics of me wearing this pretty cardigan (for a dressier look) that I wore for a lunch-date with friends and family –

hi-low cardigan hi-low cardigan

I love the contrast of the colors and the textures here. What do you think of this look?


Much Love

My Zenlooks OOTD inspired by Cover Design

Fashion, Lifestyle
#Zenlooks OOTD inspired by Cover Design of Asus Zenfone
I have a fancy for Animal Prints, I practically hoard when I see something with this print. So when I was asked to create a cover design for Asus #Zenfone, it had to be this. It’s one of my favorite prints and I love anything and everything with it. So naturally I had to create a look on similar lines, yes I love the print that bad!
But first, here’s the case cover I created – 

Isn’t it pretty?? I absolutely love the way it looks. Trust me this is no brainer and besides its super fun to create too. Go here –
And coming back to my #Zenlooks inspired OOTD, here’s what I chose to create. For this I picked this versatile, stylish yet simple shrug to style this plain top. While I kept everything minimalistic, I chose this Wood Watch I got from Jord recently. I think it perfectly suits the earthy tones of the outfit and also stand out overall.
Here’s more details –
Outfit Details
Shrug | eBay
Top | Dorothy Perkins, Jabong
Watch | Jord
Perfect Fall/Winters Colors with Animal Print shrug, can it be any more wonderful?
Want to try your hands on creating your own Cover Design?
Asus is hosting a contest to get fans to create their own back cover designs to win a ZenFone 2 or the Limited Edition case by CutiepieMarzia every week! You can also participate in this contest and stand a chance to win Asus Zenfone 2 or the Limited Edition case. 
Now, hurry up and show what you can do. Don’t forget to share this news with your friends and family, get them to try their hand at this fun app – rest assured you will not stop at one!

Much Love