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Maybelline Babylips Candy Wow in Peach and Mixed Berry

maybelline babylips candy wow
Maybelline babylips candy wow

Maybelline Babylips Candy Wow is the last winter launch from Maybelline India. It is another spectacular product launch from the brand and Maybelline BabyLips Candy Wow Collection is totally breathtaking! The colors and the packing left me in awe and I simply can’t get enough of this already. They once again hit the spot and came up with the undying trend of chubby sticks or lip crayon style packaging which makes these so irresistible. Not that there aren’t many of these sorts in the market but somehow these totally stood out with the bright colors and the chubby stick style look. Besides, these look cuter than the others. Like seriously!

Here are the pics –

What I Love –
  • Hydrating Formula
  • Sheer Tints
  • Candy color packing
  • Enriched with Vit E
  • Moisturizes lips well and leaves a faint tint behind
It’s perfect time again to take out these to play with since it is almost winter. The formula is more hydrating and moisturizing than their usual Baby Lips balms and also the tint is pretty good too which makes these the perfect ones to have around during this time. That said, their packing still takes the front seat and beats everything out. Just for these cutesy looking ones I personally don’t mind buying them all.
The formula is more hydrating and moisturizing than their usual Baby Lips balms and also the tint is pretty good too which makes these the perfect ones to have around during this time. That said, their packing still takes the front seat and beats everything out. Just for these cutesy looking ones I personally don’t mind buying them all.
Think of how cute the pictures would turn out with this somewhere in back ground of the pictures! Lol…
On a side note, this is definitely a keeper!
While Peach shade washed me out, my favorite at the moment is Mixed Berry.
Currently available in 4 shades – Raspberry, Mixed Berry, Peach, Orange (didn’t find the 5th one in any counters yet)
Price – 275 INR
Available – All Maybelline Counters (at the moment) and Flipkart
Beauty Hack: Slice of the crayon tip lightly to get the tint color much stronger
While I was at the counter, I realized that their testers had the blunt tips and the color payoff was pretty damn good. So I tried at home and it works. So there you go. Yes, you are Welcome!

Much Love


*One of them is a PR Sample

Maybelline Newyork Summer Essentials Kit


maybelline summer essentials

Summer Essentials often change for me every year. While I always made sure to keep up with the newest launches for the season, there were always some exceptions. I often tweaked my routine to match my skin needs to make sure I get the best out of what I use.

And coming to makeup, be it summer or any other season, I always made sure stock up on season appropriate makeup so I don’t deviate much from my routine. But summers in Hyderabad have been pretty hot and humid lately.

If last year was pretty hot, this year it turned out to be scorching hot. So I have toned down the number of products I use this time. I preferred to keep it simple and to restrict myself to just 3 summer essentials.

Luckily, Maybelline just sent over their summer kit and honestly, this turned out to be the exactly 3 essentials I wanted.

Here’s what I got in the Summer Essentials kit –

maybelline summer essentials

  • The Colossal Kajal
  • White Super Fresh Compact
  • Babylips in Berry Crush


The Colossal Kajal

The Colossal Collection is one of my favorites from Maybelline Newyork. I just love their Colossal Liner better than any eye liner in the market. And to accompany it, there’s no better companion than the Colossal Kajal.

If you love their kajals as much as I do, you should check out their all new colossal kajal in super black. It’s the best!

White Super Fresh Compact

Maybelline New York‘s White Super Fresh Compact Powder is a 12 hour perfecting compact which helps to stay fresh, fair and always in control! It’s perfect for a Girl On The Go. It comes in a chic white case which is simply convenient and easy to carry around for all the frequent touch ups.

You can read my full and detailed review here



Another all time favorite is the Babylips collection. As much as I love their Candy Wow collection, their Babylips originals are still one of the best.

You can read about their babylips spiced up collection here



Kajal for the eyes to make them look bigger and brighter, compact to keep my face shine free and babylips to keep my lips supple and soft with a subtle hint of color.

Can anything be more perfect for summer?

What are your summer essentials?

Incase, you are looking up to stocking from essentials from Maybelline, Nykaa is running a sale, you might want to check it out –

Much Love

You have used Sleeping Mask, but did you try Lip Sleeping Mask yet?

lip sleeping mask

Our skin says alot about us. It shows what are we really eating and pampering it with or simply reveal what we have been ignoring for a long time. Food aside, a proper shut-eye (8-9 hrs of sleep) is highly recommended for a healthy skin. There are products in the market that can mimick the same effect and give you a soft, dewy and healthy looking skin overnight. While the results are temporary, it’s still worth a shot when you are pressed for time. These super awesome products are Sleeping Masks.

Sleeping Masks

Sleeping Masks usually come in a gel like consistency, very soothening on skin when first applied. They usually pack a bunch of good stuff that can protect, heal and soften your skin overnight. Enriched with moisture retaining and skin soft ingredients, these masks usually work with almost any night time cream (not sure with Retinol though). Sleeping mask is applied as the last step in the night skincare routine, this ensures the cream and/or lotion applied is sealed in for delivering maximum results. Yes, sleeping masks are that good!

But have you heard about Lip Sleeping Mask? Product made on similar theory but for lips?

Then it’s time you know about Lip Sleeping Mask.

Taking care of lips is as essential as the skin for a youthful look. While the moisturized and soft lips take off the age of your face, dry and chapped lips makes you look alot aged than usual. Besides no Lipstick would ever look good on chapped lips!

And like skin, even lips need constant care and attention to stay soft, moisturized and kissable. But what if you can say good-bye to chapped lips overnight? Sounds too good to be true ?

Here’s Laniege Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask for the rescue

Lip sleeping mask

Lip sleeping mask

Claims :

This Lip Sleeping Mask claims to dissolve dead skin cells while in slumber, making it look younger and plumper the next morning. Berry Mix Complex with Vitamin C and antioxidant-packed berry ingredients make the lips firmer, while hyaluronic acid helps in moisture absorption overnight. And Sour and sweet berry flavors make this a true night-time treat for the lips.

And true to its claims, this product gives baby soft lips the very next day. Thanks to its hyaluronic acid, lips get the much needed intensive hydration overnight to keep them moist and super soft. Hard pressed for time? Then this is your holy grail!

Want to get your hands on this one? Need a coupon? continue reading

Sugar Cosmetics Matte as Hell Crayon Lipstick in Mary Poppins


Sugar Cosmetics Matte as Hell Crayon Lipsticks are the newest launch and they definitely have taken everyone by surprise. Crayon style lipsticks in matte formula, these packs a punch of color with velvety soft finish without accentuating the fine lines and/or the chapped lips. Just in time for Christmas and New Year, this fabulous collection makes an excellent gift for the loved one.

And today I have Mary Poppins Crayon Lipstick from this collection to show you. First, here’s the close up of my minimal makeup –

Mary Poppins

And here’s my outfit for the shopping date with my bestie –

Mary Poppins

And here’s selfie with the dress I bought for New Year’s Eve – continue reading