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ColourPop Mama

ColourPop Mama

ColourPop Mama

ColourPop Mama


ColourPop Mama is one shade I was way too curious and eager to try. It is one of the shades from the Up and Away Lip Bundle, with Love Bug and Calypso being the other two.


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I have a thing for Lip Bundles and Lip Kits. These often have an interesting combo of colors to play around with.

Up and Above was one Lip Bundle I wanted so bad! So imagine my happiness when I tried Love Bug and fell in love with it at first swatch! It is definitely one of the most beautiful lip colors I own till date.

ColourPop Mama, on the other hand, is a huge disappointment for me. I was so rooting for this particular shade since summer is just around the corner, but unfortunately, not only this color washed me out completely, it also peels like crazy! Remember Rooch? Mama is like it’s sister!


I just hope my first attempt was not so lucky and I find a way to make this color work for me. I am thinking, a bit of brown should get a fancy color out of this to play around with but I am yet to find out if this peeling is consistent!


Coming back, here’s what ColourPop Mama looks like on me –

ColourPop Mama

ColourPop Mama


Price – 15$

Buy – Up and Away Lip Bundle


What I Love –

  1. It is a beautiful burnt orange color
  2. It is a perfect summer color plus a wonderful day wear lip color too
  3. It is one of the beautiful colors launched by the ColourPop


What I don’t Love –

  1. It peels just like Rooch
  2. It washes me off
  3. It is very drying (you can see in the images how dry my lips look)


I am not sure if am right on this, but I find ColourPop Mama to be very drying than the other Matte Lip Colors. I am yet to see how to make this work!


I was hoping to experiment this color with browns and burgundy for an entirely different shade. But, like I said, I am yet to find out a way if I can make this color work without getting it to peel.


If am successful, I will make sure to update this post on same. And if I don’t, then you know it’s better to stay away from this one. A peeling lipstick is no fun!


Have you tried this shade already? What’s your take on this?



Much Love

Colourpop Love Bug

Colourpop Love Bug


Colourpop Love Bug

Colourpop Love Bug


ColourPop Love Bug is my current obsession. I know I have been mentioning my love for many lip colors lately, but this one tops the list. I tried a similar shade earlier Holly Rose from 3CE Cosmetics from their Lily MayMac Collection. These two are the closest dupes I have tried recently and both I must say are equally good.

However, ColourPop Love Bug is much richer and deeper mahogany shade than the Holy Rose. Plus, being a liquid lipstick its application is by far the most flawless and the formula is long lasting.

Both are matte lip colors if one is softer shade the other one is richer in color. So if you aren’t so hung up on packaging (3CE Lily May Mac Holy Rose packaging is one to die for!) and are looking for a deep mahogany color, then ColourPop Love Bug is for you!


And if you are anything like me who wants to try first or simply want minis so it’s easy to carry around, you definitely need to get ColourPop Cosmetics It’s Vintage Lip Color Kit. It is a set of minis and it’s fantastic to have something so cute and tiny to carry around in the handbag. Plus, you get to try other shades too!


Today, am sharing the swatches and review of ColourPop Love Bug from that mini set –

Colourpop Love Bug


What I Love –

  1. Rich and deep mahogany color
  2. Long lasting Formula
  3. It applies creamy and sets as matte
  4. Its application is flawless
  5. It doesn’t transfer
  6. It comes as a part of a mini set and also in full size
  7. It is a perfect Valentine’s Day Color


What I don’t Love –

  1. It is very drying on lips


Price – 6$ (full size)

Buy – Love Bug

However, I observed that prepping the lips prior to the lip color application gives better results than applying as is. Using a lip scrub and a lip balm generously (am seriously considering finding an oil to use as the base for all my matte lip colors) before applying the lip color kept the color longer than usual and lips weren’t so dry either.


Plus, using a matching lip liner greatly helps. ColourPop Cosmetics has the matching lip liner with the same name which I certainly missed getting, but if you planning on purchasing this beautiful shade don’t forget to get that too. It indeed would make a perfect lip color this Valentine’s.


On a side note, invest in a good lip scrub and a lip balm.


And if you are concerned about the dry effect this lip color has, here’s a post by Temptalia where she did an amazing job of finding all the possible dupes. Definitely worth a look!


So what do you think of Colourpop Love Bug? Which color is your current obsession?




Much Love

Colorbar Cocktail 3D Matte Lip Color in Cosmopolitan

Colorbar Cocktail 3D Matte Lip Color

Colorbar Cocktail 3D Matte Lip Color

Colorbar Cocktail 3D Matte Lip Color is the recent collection by Colorbar Cosmetics. A limited edition, this collection claims to be the Revolutionary 3D Matte lip colors.

These Super-creamy, non-drying matte formula lip colors come in 4 dreamy exotic colors. Drawing inspiration from the much revelling magical cocktails of all times, the “cocktail” collection by Colorbar mixes beauty with intoxication.

Colorbar Cocktail 3D Matte Lip Color

Here’s what it claims –

3D Matte Lipstick, a Revolutionary 3D Matte lip color is a super-creamy, non-drying matte formula, to make lips look & feel amazing.
It features their proprietary “flex-form” complex, for lips that make it appear immediately reshaped, smooth and homogeneous with insane pigmentation and superior color dispersion.
The trim-line-style component supports the soft, creamy matte formula and prevents breakage, yet still provides full-lip coverage in a single swipe.


Colorbar Cocktail 3D Matte Lip Color Collection Features –

  • Extra Hold 3D matte formula
  • Full-color Payoff in one stroke
  • Light weight on application
  • Comforting oils to provide conditioning
  • Color does not bleed on lips
  • Not tested on Animals
  • Lanolin free
  • Mineral oil free
  • Paraben free
  • Dermatologically tested

Price – 750  ₹

Buy –

Here’s the Swatches –

Colorbar Cocktail 3D Matte Lip Color

Colorbar Cocktail 3D Matte Lip Color


Here’s what I love about this Collection –

  1. It is free of lanolin, mineral oil, and paraben
  2. It is not tested on animals
  3. It gives an amazing color payoff in single stroke of application
  4. It is a light formula and color stays put for a long time
  5. It is enriched with oils that make it perfect even for chapped lips


Here’s what I do not love –

  1. It has only 4 shades to choose from


While all the colors seem to be pretty rich and vibrant, it is certainly unfortunate that they have come up with just 4 shades.

On a side note, putting aside the price, I love the shade. I am cocktailing the colors at the moment and I can see myself wearing this often mixed with other colors to suit my mood.


Have you tried any shade from this collection yet? Which one is your favorite?




Much Love



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