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Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash with 6 Essential Herbs

Face Wash

Face Wash

Face wash is one thing that gets me going every morning (other than a strong aromatic coffee). Nothing works like a charm for me more than a good face wash to strip away all the sleepiness and set me up for the day.

I am not talking about magic and miracles here but I say this from my own experience. A quick face wash first thing in the morning does really help me to get that spring in the step and push the things to happen on time.

And talking of face wash, I am very cautious when I am picking something new to try. I always choose my face wash that are mild-ultra mild to suit my sensitive skin. So you know when am out and about talking about a product that suits my skin. Its one thing you should definitely keep on your wishlist – incase you are planning on tweaking your skincare routine in future.

That said, am here to day to talk about one of my favorite face washes at the moment.


Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash with 6 Essential Herbs

Face Wash

My face wash of choice at the moment is something which is slightly zingy, zesty and sort of invigorating fragrance and feel – much needed things to kick start the morning. A good dose of these 3 almost gets me ready for the day.

And when you get all these plus goodness of ayurvedic herbs that gives a deep cleaning yet a natural care – improving skin complexion, enhancing skin texture and reducing skin inflammation and/or sensitivity, the face wash is all the more appealing.


Medimic Ayurvedic Face wash is all that and more. Earlier I did mention how much I liked their new and improved Medimix bar soap. And I am glad that now I can grab a face wash too from them. Their products are natural and filled with goodness of ayurvedic herbs that not only care for the skin gently but also keep it blemish free.


Here’s what I loved most –

It has 6 ayurvedic herbs.

It has a faint zingy, zesty and invigorating fragrance.

It suits all skin types.

It is soap free and paraben free.

It has eco-friendly ingredients.

It is a unique blend of neem, aloe vera and turmeric – all of which aid in utmost skincare in the most natural way.

It lathers well and only need a drop or two to wash the face.


This comes in a flip cap tube making it very hygienic and easier to use too. And due to its fuss-free packaging it is also one of the most convenient to carry face wash when on travel.


That said, as of now there is nothing I dislike or hate about this face wash. Infact, I would love if they come up with foam based formula too. If you have tried Medimix products earlier and loved it very much like me, you’ll love this even more. That’s a promise!


Price – 60 ₹

Qty – 50 ml


Buy 50ml –

Buy 100ml –


Medimix also has a Anti-Tan variant –  Medimix Ayurvedic Anti Tan Face Wash. I am hoping to try this soon!


Have you tried any of these two? Do you have any favorite at the moment?



Much Love


Medimix Ayurvedic Natural Glycerine With Lakshadi Oil

medimix ayurvedic
Medimix Ayurvedic is a household name and has been so for years now. I remember how much I used to love the classic good old medimix, with scent and goodness of neem it was the perfect choice for all those childhood and teen years. And then somehow down the line I did forget about this wonderful soap until recently. When I was sent this all new variant to try and test, I recalled how much I loved Medimix when I was young. So I didn’t wait any longer and put this soap to test right away!

On first look, it’s a lovely transparent green soap and smells very pleasant. It kind of reminds the old medimix but then even for looks I think I love this one so much better!
That said, it lathered really well and left my skin feeling super fresh and left behind a faint pleasant scent which lingered on for quite a while.
I have an extremely dry skin and believe me when I say this has surpassed my expectations! I haven’t applied oil prior to shower and/or applied a body lotion later and yet my skin felt super good. No traces of greasiness and yet skin behaved extremely well with no signs of dryness!

On a brighter side, I can’t wait to try this soap again with a prior oil massage and/or applying body lotion later on to see how my dry skin would feel. I really can’t wait to see if my skin stops being dry and looks super hydrated and nourished always!
medimix ayurvedic
Here’s what I love –
  • Transparent and green in color
  • Natural and fresh scent
  • Formula has Lakshadi Oil along with Glycerine
  • Effectively moisturizes the dry skin
  • Makes the skin soft and supple
  • Helps reduce itches and cracks caused by dryness
Price – 45 INR
I am so glad that I got to try this soap, I just loved it so much and not to forget the memories it got back! Now whether you have dry skin like me or simply need a soap specific for the colder months, this is just what you need.
Have you tried this soap yet?
On a side note, there seems to be many variants that have been launched recently and I can’t wait to get my hands on Medimix Clear Glycerine Natural Toning Tea Tree Oil and Honey soap.
What about you? Do you recommend any particular variant that you’ve already tried?

Much Love