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Say NO to Sleeping Ugly with Sofy Overnight



sofy overnight

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Sleep deprivation is one of the major concerns for women these days. While work and family have a major role to play, another silent killer is the menstrual period.

Every month most of the girls and women across the globe fight with menstrual pains and most of them Sleep Ugly in the night! You know that it’s that time of the month when they are suddenly seen in all black and/or wearing some unflattering colors and clothes.

Let’s get real! 5 days of every month is a nightmare of the every girl and woman you know and that includes me.

As a teen I struggled real hard, not with just the menstrual pains and cramps but also with the sleepless nights I had to endure during that time of the month. For as long as I can remember, I have dressed in the most unimaginable ugly clothes (which otherwise I wouldn’t even turn around to see) and old sheets on the bed, during those days of every month.

Let me be honest, that was like an unpleasant dream for me repeatedly occurring every month for years together. But thanks to the makers of these Sanitary pads, gone are those days!

They have not only come up with special pads for those extra heavy flow nights but also took it a little further and made sure we have a real good sleep without any disturbance. And that’s not all; we don’t have to sleep ugly anymore!

Today am sharing about one such brand – Sofy.

sofy overnight

The name is not new for us but did you know that they have sanitary pads – Sofy Bodyfit Overnight, that is especially meant for those extra heavy flow nights? Like literally, heavy flow!

So I went ahead and tested these out for you. And here are 3 important factors that make Sofy Overnight to stand out  –


Wider Hip Guard

Unlike other pads, this one has wider hip guard which helps to cover the panty from the back to prevent stains during the night allowing a peaceful sleep even on the heavy flow nights.


Shape Maintenance System – Flexi Absorb System

Unlike other pads that lose their shape during night leading to mishaps, this one keeps the pad in shape and in place allowing us to sleep in whatever position we want to. Absolute no restrictions on the sleep positions too!


Double Absorbent Core

Unlike other pads that promise and do not deliver, these continue to absorb all night until morning thus aiding in a good night rest!

Apart from standing up to what it claims, Sofy Overnight sanitary pads are definitely very soft and gentle on skin and didn’t irritate my skin at all – sanitary pads are definitely very soft and gentle on skin and didn’t irritate my skin at allwhich usually happens during this time of the month due to the rough feel of the pads against the sensitive skin!

That said, I am very glad that I tried these.


Did you know? Sofy is Japan’s No.1 sanitary napkin brand?  


Price – 79 ₹ (5 pads)

So are you saying NO to Sleeping Ugly?


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Much Love